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David's Latest Writing


Safari Sparks is our church's first in-house generated holiday club and the first where I have developed all the material from scratch. We had surveyed the children to decide what theme they would like and animals was a popular choice and we decided that we wanted to explore stories from the book of Daniel. With that as my brief I set about coming up with an overview timetable, characters, sketches, songs  - everything we'd normally get out of a Scripture Union book. Some of the material I produced can be found here.

If you would like to use the Safari Sparks material or - even better - if you would like me to work with you to create holiday club material especially for your church, please get in touch to discuss what I could do for you and get a quote.

This poetic version of the Lord's Prayer was 'written' by William Snakespeare, one of the characters created for Safari Sparks.

The Lord's Prayer
When Jesus taught us how we ought to pray,
He gave these special words for us to say:

Our father God, in heaven that's above,
Your holy name we set apart to love;
So build your kingdom here, that we might know
And see your will be done on Earth below;
We pray you'd give us everything we need,
From holy word to bread on which we feed;
Forgive the ways we've sinned, in act or thought,
As we forgive all others, as you taught;
And let us not be led in wicked ways,
But keep us safe from evil all our days;
For your eternal kingdom reigns secure,
Your power and glory last forevermore.

Liz's Latest Art

Series Image Card for Cambourne Church: Gospel Values

Mindfulness Colouring page for Mother's Day:
From Grief to Hope

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Cheval Magazine Cover Competition Entry

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