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David's Latest Writing

One of my friend’s daughters - Tina - drew a picture of Santa, a reindeer, a snowman, a sleigh, some presents and a nativity scene. At the top she wrote ‘Which one is most important?’

Inspired, I wrote this Christmas poem for her:

Tina’s Poem
Which one is most important -
The baby or the box?
To see what’s in the manger
Or hidden in our socks?

Which one is most important -
The toys which whirr and beep,
Or messages of angels
To shepherds and their sheep?

Which one is most important -
The snow which glistens white,
Or shining star which points you
Towards incarnate light?

Which one is most important -
The stories we’ve been told
Of reindeer and their noses,
Or incense, myrrh and gold?

Which one is most important -
The turkey and the sprouts,
Or God made flesh to save us
From all our fears and doubts?

Which one is most important -
A fat man in a sleigh,
Or being nice or naughty,
Or choosing Jesus’ way?

In three months there’ll be bunnies,
And I will ask again:
Choose eggs or resurrection:
Tell me:
What’s important then?

Liz's Latest Art

Poster for the West of Cambridge Churches Joint Service


Series Image Card for Cambourne Church: Gospel Values