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David's Latest Writing

This was my entry into the Bible Society’s poetry competition for National Poetry Day 2018.

The brief was a poem on the theme of ‘change’ inspired by a verse, passage or theme from scripture. I began by taking inspiration from the famous line in Isaiah 2:4 that says “They will beat their swords into ploughshares and their spears into pruning hooks”. As the poem evolved, however, it became more of a meditation on the theme of ‘peace’: how it develops through scripture and how it is linked to the many Biblical depictions of gardens.

You can read the winning poem (and the honourable mentions) here.


The Gardener

A taste of fruit has altered all creation,
And grown both Adam’s pride and mark of Cain;
Entangled in that tree, with each temptation
I choose to lose God’s garden peace again.

Where once I tended Earth and turned the soil,
And gloried in the gifts of labour’s grain,
Across the sin-scarred land, now I must toil
Against all those who share my sinful stain.

And into this, the Prince of Peace was sent,
And showed how sweet the fruits of God could be,
Changed spears to pruning hooks, and swords to ploughs,
So we might find fair work, beneath the boughs
Of life-blood stained and life-sustaining tree,
Where God Himself bore violent punishment.

And in the silent garden where I sought 
To dignify His death with fragrant oil,
I met a gardener - or so I thought,
And felt the bonds of tempter's tree uncoil.

For from that ground, the peaceful prince had fought
To grow my peace in three days’ germination,
So I might labour in His garden-court:
A paradise of praise and adoration.

Liz's Latest Art

Series Image Card for Cambourne Church: Gospel Values

Mindfulness Colouring page for Mother's Day:
From Grief to Hope

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Cheval Magazine Cover Competition Entry

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