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David's Latest Writing

I’ve recently started a Big Project called Writing The Bible which is a set of different creative responses to the Bible. One of the responses is an attempt to turn all 1,189 chapters of the Bible into couplets.

This is the first few - Genesis 1-11 - which tell the story of several creations and falls.

Genesis 1-11 - Creation and fall.jpg

The Lord made all things good and in their place,
Then crafted humans to reflect His face.

He grew a garden, placed His humans there,
For them to walk in His abundant care.

But serpent’s lies of right and wrong took root;
God cast them out for taste of tempter’s fruit.

Then Cain, their son, led Abel to his death;
God’s worship started with the son of Seth;

And Enoch walked with God, then went away;
So Adam’s family grew, ‘til Noah’s day.

When God saw human hearts had fallen dark,
And He commanded Noah: ‘Build an Ark’.

The waters rose as rain began to pour,
God kept a righteous remnant to restore.

So when the dove brought signs of things which grew,
All in the ark walked out on Earth made new.

No sooner was the rainbow promise made,
Than human darkness was once more displayed.

Now, Noah’s sons were Japheth, Ham and Shem,
So Earth was filled by nations grown from them,

Their tongues were twisted for their tower plan;
And Abram’s father settled in Haran.

Liz's Latest Art

Series Image Card for Cambourne Church: Gospel Values

Mindfulness Colouring page for Mother's Day:
From Grief to Hope

mothers day.png

Cheval Magazine Cover Competition Entry

Cheval Artwork Liz Wadsworth.png