In October 2015, I began to think it might be fun to write fourteen sonnets every month for fourteen months, starting in the following November. I called the project Fourteen³ - (fourteen lines per sonnet) x (fourteen sonnets per month) x (fourteen months) = 2,744 lines of poetry!

Part of the project was to change the style of sonnet each month, using each style twice, including the classic Shakespearean, Petrachan and Spencerian forms as well as ones using Terza Rima and Heroic Couplet rhyme schemes. I also invented my own form which I called ‘chiastic’ sonnets (although I secretly hope other people will call the Wadsworthian Sonnets!), and used Onegin Stanzas to create a pair of short stories at the heart of the whole sequence.

The themes and styles of the sequence also varied wildly - from the secular to the religious, and the serious to the ridiculous - but fundamentally, the series is about a year (and a bit) in my life in which I went from dabbling in doggerel to taking poetry more seriously, and during which I became a father.

The index below will allow you to navigate the complete project…

November 2015 (Shakespearean Sonnets 1)

I - On Jaffa Cakes
II - On Fireworks
III - On Shakespeare’s Sonnets
IV - On Learning How To Drive
V - On A Motorcycle Accident
VI - On Job’s Wife
VII - On Jonah
VIII - On Customer Satisfaction Surveys
IX - On Scones
X - On Early Morning Frost
XI - On Contemporary Masculinity
XII - On Deadlines
XIII - On Pregnancy
XIV - On Nighttime

December 2015 (Petrachan Sonnets 1)

XV - On Advent
XVI - On Tiny Mercies

The Nativity Of St. Matthew
XVII - On The Genealogy
XVIII - On Joseph
XIX - On The Magi And King Herod
XX - On The Flight To Egypt

The Nativity Of St Luke
XXI - On Mary
XXII - On The Angel’s Song
XXIII - On The Shepherds
XXIV - On Simeon

XXV - On Great Sorrow
XXVI - On The Spirit Of Christmas
XXVII - On The Aftermath
XXVIII - On New Year’s Resolution

January 2016 (Terza Rima 1)

A Song Of Eighteen Hours
XXIX - On Shroedinger’s Baby
XXX - On The Cup Of Sadness
XXXI - On An Ultrasound

XXXII - On Rainbows
XXXIII - On Needy School Children
XXXIV - On The Buses
XXXV - On Burns Night
XXXVI - On Scotch Whisky (After A Couple Of Glasses)
XXXVII - On The Sisyphean Nature Of Being A Primary School Librarian
XXXVIII - On The Boy Who Ran
XXXIX - On The Man Who Runs
XL - On The Colour Blue
XLI - On The Colour Pink
XLII - On A Sunday Afternoon

February 2016 (Spenserian Sonnets 1)

XLIII - On A Distinct Lack Of Enthusiasm Or Inspiration
XLIV - On Colds
XLV - On Socks
XLVI - On The Passenger In The Seat Next To Mine
XLVII - On Sentiment
XLVIII - On Burgers
XLIX - On Sluggish Mornings
L - On Formalist Poetry
LI - On My To-Do List
LII - On Busy Mornings
LIII - On Pessimism
LIV - On Optimism
LV - On Feeling My Baby Move For The First Time
LVI - On A Coffee Shop’s Attitude To Tea

March 2016 (Chiastic Sonnets 1)

Fourteen Stations For Holy Week
LVII - On The Triumphal Entry
LVIII - On The Last Supper
LIX - On The Silence In Gethsemane
LX - On The Denial Of St Peter
LXI - On The Judgement Of Pontius Pilate
LXII - On The Blasphemy Of The Soldiers
LXIII - On The Journey To Golgotha
LXIV - On The Crucifixion
LXV - On The First One He Saved
LXVI - On The Last Words He Said
LXVII - On The Moment Of Christ’s Death
LXVIII - On The Silence Which Followed
LXIX - On Mary, At The Empty Tomb
LXX - On The Resurrection

April 2016 (Heroic Couplets 1)

LXXI - On Being Pedantic About Food
LXXII - On Regression Towards The Mean
LXXIII - On Reflection
LXXIV - On Sitting For A Portrait
LXXV - On Human Reproduction
LXXVI - On Application Forms
LXXVII - On An Official Visit
LXXVIII - On The Road Commonly Travelled
LXXIX - On Wisdom
LXXX - On Kindness
LXXXI - On Dyslexia
LXXXII - On Anger
LXXXIII - On Budget Setting
LXXXIV - On Dot And Dash

May 2016 (Onegin Stanzas 1)

LXXXV-XCVIII - On You And Me, 03/05/04-03/05/16

June 2016 (Onegin Stanzas 2)

XCIX-CXII - On Two Becoming Three, 15/09/15-13/05/16

July 2016 (Heroic Couplets 2)

CXIII - On Synanthropes
CXIV - On Swans
CXV - On Tiredness
CXVI - On Hayfever
CXVII - On The Mother Of My Son (Who Is Better At This Than Me)
CXVIII - On Minor Hardships
CXIX - On Fatherhood: A Review
CXX - On A Voluntary Inspection
CXXI - On A Fly
CXXII - On Pride
CXXIII - On A Strange Meeting: A Science Fiction Story
CXXIV - On Grass Seed
CXXV - On Deviating From The Mean
CXXVI - On The Wisdom Of The Sages

August 2016 (Chiastic Sonnets 2)

Sonnet CXXVII - On The Road To Damascus

Minute Testament - The Letters Of St. Paul
CXXVIII - On Romans
CXXIX - On First Corinthians
CXXX - On Second Corinthians
CXXXI - On Galatians
CXXXII - On Ephesians
CXXXIII - On Philippians
CXXXIV - On Colossians
CXXXV - On First Thessalonians
CXXXVI - On Second Thessalonians
CXXXVII - On First Timothy
CXXXVIII - On Second Timothy
CXXXIX - On Titus
CXL - On Philemon

September 2016 (Spenserian Sonnets 2)

CXLI - On Simple Pleasures
CXLII - On The Dawn Chorus
CXLIII - On Hope
CXLIV - On Fear
CXLV - On Multitasking
CXLVI - On My Bucket List (A Biting Satire)
CXLVII - On A Certain Type Of Poetry (Another Biting Satire)
CXLVIII - On Insomnia
CXLIX - On Greed
CL - On Making A Grown-Up Decision
CLI - On Going
CLII - On A Minor Administrative Task
CLIII - On Presenteeism
CLIV - On Reaching A Milestone

October 2016 (Terza Rima 2)

CLV - On Time
CLVI - On Being Ginger
CLVII - On Baptism
CLVIII - On The Future
CLIX - On The Past
CLX - On The Promethian Torture Of Searching For A Job
CLXI - On Beer
CLXII - On A Mouse, Who Is Having A Bad Day
CLXIII - On Missing A Bus
CLXIV - On Stillness
CLXV - On Creation
CLXVI - On Infant Laughter
CLXVII - On Infant Tears
CLXVIII - On Synergy’s Baby

November 2016 (Petrachan Sonnets 2)

CLXIX - On My (Lack Of Any Kind Of) Writing Habit
CLXX - On Travelling Home After A Job Interview
CLXXI - On Belief
CLXXII - On Remembrance Day
CLXXIII - On My Future Past
CLXXIV - On Normality
CLXXV - On The Cosmic Dawn
CLXXVI - On My Mother
CLXXVII - On The Cinema
CLXXVIII - On Argumentality
CLXXIX - On My Father
CLXXX - On My Ancestors
CLXXXI - On Request
CLXXXII - On Waiting

December 2016 (Shakespearean Sonnets 2)

CLXXXIII - On Curiosity
CLXXXIV - On The Things No One Tells You About Having A Baby
CLXXXV - On Headlines, or 2016
CLXXXVI - On Privilege
CLXXXVII - On Glaciation
CLXXXVIII - On Inherited Truth
CLXXXIX - On Life’s Unfairness
CXC - On The Ninevites’ Repentance
CXCI - On Job
CXCII - On Old Wounds, A Year Having Passed
CXCIII - On Learning
CXCIV - On A Slim Volume Of Sonnets
CXCV - On Temporality
CXCVI - On Writing Poetry