Happy Ever Laughter

I was a founder-member of our local amateur dramatic society, The Sundial Theatre Company. As we were devising our first season, another member had the idea of something very family focused where the children could get involved with making sound effects and things to help the story. The idea was to take a classic fairy tale and retell it in a funny way with lots of jokes about the local area - something very bespoke to our town.

The text of the play is below. It should be noted that as the plot is heavily rooted in a series of terrible puns on the names of our local schools, there is basically no way of staging it outside of Cambourne, Cambridgeshire. Nevertheless, you should be able to get the general idea.

Dramatis Personae:

Narrator - The Narrator
Jack - Jack, the hero
Other - Jack’s Mother
Morrison, a merchant
The Vine Keeper
Jeavon, a giant
Hardwick, a giant


Jack’s house and the surrounding countryside; the Monk’s Field


Stage dressing: props table, narrator’s chair, table with two chairs, screen/projector, PowerPoint presentation loaded with scenery and SFX prompts.

Costuming: (N) glasses (prescription free); (J) general ‘fairy tale’ outfit; (O) wig, tear-away skirt or shawl; apron; ‘Go Away’ t-shirt; ‘Welcome’ t-shirt; eye patch; waist coat; boots.

On the props table: bag of gold; bags for life; cow puppet; felt tip pen; hand mirror; magical bag; magical book; party blowers; party hats; party poppers; potato; rolled up newspaper; vine.

Food / Prizes: Chocolate Coins.

Sound Effect Objects: Sleigh bells; Claves; Drum; Children’s Voices.

Music: The Aquarium by Camille Saint-Saens; Celebrate Good Times by Kool And The Gang.