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David's Latest Writing

A piece written in honour of the twelve men who have walked on the moon, and published on the anniversary of the first moon landing:

Twelve Stories To Be Told By Moonlight
They are the twelve, who went for all mankind,
To walk where none had ever walked before,
So we shall tell their stories and their names
By moonlight, for we walk up there no more.

He led the way, secured his place in fame;
With one small step he made a giant leap,
And set a standard in the lunar dust,
To mark our farthest outpost in the deep.

He waited, second, as he knew he must.
But all alone, he made a sacrament -
First supper on the moon: the bread and wine - 
Then walked outside, from Earth to heaven sent.

He would not let dyslexia define
The heights he’d reach. When no one understood,
He found a different way: he learned to fly,
And saw much more than teachers thought he could.

He went and saw things with an artist’s eye,
A wealth of colours in a silver land,
And brought back memories he forged in paint,
Each image laced with other-worldly sand.

He mocked the force of gravity’s constraint,
So using all his secrecy and wiles,
He took a six-iron and hit a ball,
And saw it soar for miles and miles and miles.

He heard the secrets of the cosmos call,
With Earth still far ahead and moon behind,
He caught a glimpse, and lived from then to prove
How soul and science are, as one, combined.

He saw the Earth and Sun and Moon all move - 
How gravity had set them in their course;
With hammer and with feather, he showed we’re
All equal to that fundamental force.

He walked, a quarter-million miles from here,
Where helpless doctors watched his heart attack,
But in the rocket-ship’s intensive care,
His heart beat on to make it safely back.

He travelled once before, from here to there,
And helped to pave the way where Armstrong leapt,
And watched as others followed in his stride,
Until he too, on lunar surface stepped.

He took his family with him for the ride -
They missed him when he worked away from home -
And left their photograph where he had gone,
To show love goes wherever humans roam.

He was the first one off and last back on:
But as the lander readied to depart,
He hoped we wouldn't know him as the end,
But rather as the ending of the start.

He never dreamed of space, or thought they'd send
A man who'd only studied earth and stone.
But he was called to ride the final flight,
To see the grandest rock he’d ever known.

We see a little further in the night,
For twelve have faced the darkness to explore;
So tell the stories of the light they shined,
By moonlight, for we walk up there no more.

Liz's Latest Art

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