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David's Latest Writing

This is something I’ve wanted to try for a while, but I’ve been looking for a good movie to start it with. Kenneth Branagh’s Shakespeare biopic All Is Well provided an excellent opportunity.

So here is a video containing a review of that film in the style of William Shakspeare (i.e. as a sonnet):

A poet-playwright in his twilight years,
Who mourns the years-past passing of his son,
And frets about his unborn heirs, and fears
That he’s half-lived despite the work he’s done.
It passes prettily enough and is well played,
Predictably the famous cast are strong,
And yet, the thing’s direction’s rather staid,
Each scene beset by silence held too long.
It strives to make a greater truth unfold,
Spun from fantasy and bardic lore,
But scandals, arguments and secrets told
All fail to convince they sum to more.
It claims that ‘All Is True’ but can’t disguise
It makes a famine where abundance lies.

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Liz's Latest Art

Poster for the West of Cambridge Churches Joint Service


Series Image Card for Cambourne Church: Gospel Values