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About David

I was born and raised in Basingstoke in Hampshire and always wanted to be a writer when I grew up. I still hope, some day, to grow up. I am married to Liz and most enjoy projects on which we can work together, in particular our son who was born in 2016.

In my writing, I am seeking to annex the intersection where John Milton meets Allan Ahlberg, not least because nobody else seems to want to. My principle interests in writing are:

I am a poet, with a particular interest in the traditional forms and rhythms of English poetry. Much of my formative practice has been as a sonneteer, during which time I worked in strict iambic pentameter. I still feel most comfortable in this mode but am experimenting more and more with other forms, including villanelles, haiku and ballads. My work covers a wide range of themes, but more often than not is informed by my Christian faith and my deep love for, and knowledge of, the Biblical text. This has led to a number of ongoing projects which turn Biblical passages and narratives into poetry, some of which can be found in my portfolio and others of which I hope will soon see the light of day.

Children's Writing
I also love writing both poetry and stories for children. In terms of poetry, most of my recent work has focused either on long story poems, or on non-fiction poetry which aims to turn something worth learning into something fun and easy to remember.

I also love writing picture books - perhaps the most richly imaginative form of writing there is - and chapter-book-length stories which get in, tell a story and get out again. In all my prose writing for children there is invariably something magical or extraordinary going on - even my most socially realist writing tends to have, at the very least, a talking animal or two!

For more information on my work, you can visit my portfolio or publication history and to get me to do some writing for you contact me on davidwadsworth.poetry@gmail.com.