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Bigger Borders

Off the back of my work for Cambourne Church, I was recommended to and commissioned by the West of Cambridge Churches Committee to design the publicity materials for their Joint Service, an annual event where all the local churches come and celebrate together. This year’s theme was “Bigger Borders: Enlarging Vision, Churches & Mission” and I was basically given full creative control over the image - click it to find out more.

Mindfulness Colouring

For people who like to pray through art and colour (more coming soon!)

Cambourne Church - Idents

In 2016, I was very honoured to be asked to be Cambourne Church's 'Artist in Residence', providing idents for each new series of teaching, which changes up every few weeks. I have enjoyed the challenge of coming up with new ideas and new styles - some of my favourites are below. Having an external deadline has meant that I've kept my hand in, which I might not have done with a one-year-old boy to keep me busy! Click here to see the idents in the wild!

Cambourne Church - Other

Occasionally, Cambourne Church asks me to design images for purposes other than the main church teaching series. Sometimes this is an image for the Christmas / Easter Card that gets sent out to all households in Cambourne, or it might be for a group that they are setting up for which they want promotional material. Here are some of my favourites. 

Yachts for Fun

My brief for this project was to incorporate Yachts for Fun's existing logo into two designs for business cards that would be handed out after each chartered sailing trip. The first two images are the final designs chosen by the company (personal details redacted), whilst the other images are the mock-ups that didn't make the cut and therefore have yet to be polished up.

New Meadow

... provides high quality large bags of meadow hay (and other bedding/food products) for guinea-pigs, rabbits and hamsters. I was asked to put together some designs that would be suitable for product labels. Click on the images below to find out more.

Lyra: A Dark Fairytale

Something a little bit different from my usual illustrations and logo-work: here we have three poster-designs I put together for Lyra: A Dark Fairytale, a retelling of Hans Christian Andersen's classic tale of 'The Little Mermaid' through musical theatre and circus arts, featuring the characters of Mr Wednesday and Lyra. Click on each image to find out more.

Love My Horse

The brief I received for this commission was very broad (there had to be something to represent a horse, and something to represent love!) so I got to play around with some very different styles. Click on each image to find out about the designs.

19 the Coffeehouse

... is a community cafe in Cambourne that provides a comfortable and welcoming space for people to relax and socialise. It is staffed by a team of dedicated volunteers and recently they asked me to design some banners to raise awareness and encourage more volunteers to come forward and get involved. Here are my four offerings (personal details redacted), of which two were finally chosen to be made into banners.

Click on each image to find out more or visit 19's website here.

Cambourne Kids' Groups

These designs were actually a collaboration between me and the kids who attended these community groups in Cambourne. Each group decided on their own names and then two of the young people (a brother and a sister) found or drew some pictures they wanted to use for the logos. My job was to pull these ideas together, clean up the line-work and make them look professional.

Click on each image and hover with your mouse to find out more.

Deckchair Designs

Meet the Neighbours is a 'fresh expressions' project organised by Reverend Doctor Beth Cope, in which local residents organise community get-togethers, usually involving sitting on deckchairs and chatting while consuming tea and cake! Beth asked me to put together some designs for these deckchairs that emphasised the theme of listening and talking, and here they are!

Here's what Beth had to say about them:

I love the simplicity and the unity of them. I love the idea of there being space for anyone, whatever shape they are. The speech bubbles work well ... We want to listen to people and then walk with them on a journey, and I think that shows the listening really nicely.  You completely captured what we were thinking! ... Wow thank you!

Rose Quill Designs

Here are the designs I put together for ANON Productions, a Shakespeare theatre company based in New York. The brief was to create a logo of a rose transforming into a quill - to find out more, click on each of the images.

King David Comics

Back by popular request: a series retelling the life of King David, created for an after-school club where the children could choose to colour and/or use collage-materials to complete it. A while ago I took these off the website because I didn’t think anyone was interested in seeing what my very first commission was (especially as I feel I’ve come a long way since then!) But since then, I’ve had a number of people contacting me via Pinterest asking me to send the comics to them - so maybe there’s more interest than I thought! Anyway - these are free to download and use as you wish :)

PS - if you would like other Bible story comics in a similar style - do get in touch!