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Writing The Bible began as a series of poetic responses to scripture and quickly spun wildly out of control. Scripture is the gift that keeps on giving and as new approaches to creating poetry from God’s word kept occurring to me, the project kept on growing until it became a banner title for almost all of the writing which was interesting or exciting to me.

You can explore the various facets of the Writing The Bible project below.

First Person Plural

This is what the original concept for Writing The Bible became. First Person Plural is a sequence of long narrative poems which retell Bible stories from the perspective of the characters within them. The first of these was I Am Cain, published in August 2017, and while no other poems from the sequence have yet been published there are several in active development.

Click the video to the right to watch an animated film I made of I Am Cain, or click here for more!

Chapter and verse

Chapter and Verse is my favourite kind of project - engaging with scripture in a way which helps people to see the big story of the Bible, helps to orient people within it while also being brief and memorable. The aim is to turn each of the 1,189 chapters of the Bible into a rhyming couplet to give a sense of where everything is and how it fits into the whole, uploading one per day until the whole thing is complete.

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Minute Testament

In a similar vein to Chapter and Verse (above), Minute Testament is an exercise in synthesising huge swathes of the Bible into smaller, more memorable chunks. In this case, I am attempting to condense each of the books of the Bible down to sonnet length. I hope it is a helpful resource for churches embarking on teaching in a new book, or wanting to get a fast overview of a whole book before diving in to the detail.

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Psonnets is a sonnet sequence based around turning each of the ancient Jewish poems found in the Psalms into my favourite poetic form. Unusually for me, I chose to use the Shakespearean model of sonnet, rather than the chiastic version which I tend to favour (and which I invented!), as I wanted to link the gold-standard of Biblical poetry to the gold-standard of English short verse. Look out for a new Psonnet every Psunday.

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Proverbialisms is a project to turn each of proverbs in the Book of Proverbs into a haiku (or at least the English schoolroom understanding of that form). The series actually starts in Proverbs 10, because that is where the one-proverb-per-verse structure which we commonly associate with the book actually begins and the longer a complete thought runs the harder it is to squeeze into 17 syllables, but I hope to find ways to tackle the whole book by the time the project is complete.

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28 Word Bible

Is it possible, I wondered to myself one idle morning, to faithfully retell the story of the whole Bible in just 28 words (and make it rhyme). Turns out: yes it is! This is a book-project, rather than something I’m going to upload regularly, which will hopefully build a network of other poems on top of the 28-word foundation to create a Baby’s First Bible which grows with you into adulthood.

Watch this space…!